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Seller FAQ

Q. How do I begin the process to sell my timeshare?

Gather as much information as you can about your timeshare, whether it is the deed, original purchase and sale agreement or the latest maintenance fee bill. You may also want to confirm your ownership with your resort so that you know exactly what you own (unit size, configuration, location, season, etc) before you begin. Once you’re prepared, then contact Gateway Timeshare Resales and one of our licensed agents can help you price your property, list it and make the strategic decisions you need to sell a timeshare.

Q. What happens after I list a timeshare for sale?

Our agents will work to find you a buyer through our network of online outlets and contacts. That’s the advantage of using Gateway Timeshare Resales – you have an agent working on your behalf to find a buyer.

Q. Do I need to pay any fees to sell a timeshare?

Because Gateway Timeshare Resales is a licensed real estate operation, we work on commission which is paid after the sale – similar to the way a real estate agent would operate during the sale of a home. As such, we do not take any upfront fees to sell a timeshare. When a buyer is found, the buyer usually pays all closing costs unless you agree to a different arrangement. The average amount to close is about $650, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when the negotiating process is underway.

Q. What if someone I don’t know contacts me saying they have a buyer for my timeshare?

Be very careful, especially if they ask for money first in the form of a “closing fee” or some kind of upfront charge to make the transaction happen. This “have a buyer waiting” pitch is one of the most common methods used by unscrupulous companies looking to take money from owners without producing a sale. The best response would be to say that you are already working with a broker and to refer them to us.

Q. Do I need to give out my personal information to anyone?

Data protection is very important to us and we have sophisticated systems in place to protect any information you give us. Obviously we need the details of your timeshare and your contact details to get in touch with you once we find a buyer, but you do not need to give out your information to anyone else until you are in the closing process.

Q. When you find a buyer for my timeshare, then what happens?

We will bring the offer to you for your approval or counter offer. We will negotiate on your behalf until a sale is made, then prepare the purchase and sale contract and obtain signatures for the relevant documents needed to create a binding agreement. We will liaise with a closing company to send them the agreement, and they will then make contact with you to finalize the deal. From this point, the closing company would be your primary point of contact until the deal is closed, monies are released from escrow and ownership is transferred into the name of the new owner.

Q. What if I find my own buyer?

You may have been advertising your timeshare for sale through other channels in addition to working with us, which is fine. If you find a buyer yourself, then you have the option of coming to us to help you prepare the purchase and sale agreement and handle other associated paperwork needed to process the sale. We charge a nominal fee for this service but it’s better to let us handle the transaction

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