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Timeshare Renter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How can I find a timeshare for rent?

If you have a specific timeshare resort or destination in mind, you can click on the Rent a Timeshare button and enter your requested resort name or destination and choose from the available timeshares for rent on our website. If you don’t have specifics, then please contact us so we can help you.

Q. Once I have found a timeshare rental, then what?

You can make an offer to rent that timeshare and we will assist you in the process. You tell us the price you are willing to pay and one of our agents will contact the timeshare owner to confirm the availability and prepare the paperwork. Once your offer has been accepted, you will be contacted for more information and to secure payment details. If the rental is unavailable or your offer is declined, you will be notified immediately and we will continue the process of finding a rental for you.

Q. What is the process once a timeshare rental is confirmed?

Once an owner agrees to the offer, a rental agreement will be created for signatures and our agent will contact you to obtain the full amount of the rental. Payment is usually made through PayPal. Once we have received the payment, the rental will be reserved in your name and a confirmation number and letter secured from the resort. The rental agreement will be distributed for signatures and, once received, the confirmation information will be sent to you. Payment will be made to the owner one week after you have completed your stay.

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