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Congratulations. You’ve discovered the timeshare resale market and have learned the secret to spending less and getting more with your vacation dollar. But do you know exactly how this timeshare thing really works? Let us help walk you through everything.

How Do Timeshares Work?

In general, when you buy a timeshare you are buying one or two weeks of vacation time at a luxurious resort that can be used once a year or once every other year. You’re essentially pre-paying for future vacations. Like most other products, when you buy in bulk or commit to pre-paying for future services, you get a discount. It’s similar to buying a vacation home, but instead of owning the entire home you share it with other owners throughout the year and save money.

How Do I Buy a Resale Timeshare?

Buying a resale timeshare is much different than buying a timeshare through the resort. Instead of working with the resort’s hired staff you’ll be working with a timeshare broker who is working directly with existing timeshare owners. The timeshare brokers at Gateway Timeshare Resales are all licensed, experienced professionals. They’ll use their experience to explain everything to you and help you avoid any unexpected surprises. Just tell our broker which resale timeshare you’d like to purchase and at what price and let us do the rest.

Why Choose Gateway Timeshare Resales

  • No upfront fees. We don’t get paid until the sale is completed.
  • All of our employees are experienced, licensed real estate agents regulated by the state of New Hampshire.
  • In business since 2009.
  • Preferred resale provider of the National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA).
  • Peace of mind relying on the skills and experience of licensed professionals.
  • Save time and money. Let us negotiate with the owners to get you the best price.
  • Very knowledgeable of different resorts and vacation destinations. We can help you choose the right timeshare for your goals.

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