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Gateway Timeshare Resales, LLC, is a leading licensed real estate brokerage company that specializes in matching up timeshare sellers with buyers and renters looking for timeshare resales. Whether you are an owner looking to sell your timeshare, a prospective timeshare buyer or a vacationer seeking to rent a timeshare, we have the resources and experience to satisfy your request and produce a successful sale.

Using a no upfront fee business model, our team of experienced agents work on a commission-only basis which means we don’t get paid until after a buyer is found and a sale is made. This is a very cost-effective way for owners to sell timeshare and, since they are not out of pocket, protects sellers from the type of promises made by upfront fee companies which are usually only after the fee.

A preferred resale provider of the National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA), GTR’s licensed agents can provide information to help owners set a good asking price and get their timeshare sold. In many states, only licensed agents are legally able to price a timeshare on the resale market, so our agents can give you an accurate idea of what your timeshare is worth.

Marketing Plus Contacts Equals a Sale

Our ability to market your timeshare online to the vast community of buyers, plus the network of brokers we have daily contact with, sets us apart and uniquely qualifies us to find buyers for timeshares.

Nearly 9 million families now own timeshare in the United States and many bought on the resale market. About one in three buyers purchase timeshare as a resale, and the secondary market is now a legitimate sub-section of the timeshare industry. This is the area we specialize in – where we can find great deals for buyers, while getting the best prices possible for sellers.

Like many aspects of the real estate industry, working with other agents and brokers is an essential part of the business. Our network of contacts span across the country and internationally, allowing us to also promote your timeshare to interested buyers who may only be working with a trusted agent.

Regulation Ensures Integrity

We are regulated by the state of New Hampshire and abide by all applicable NH state real estate laws, so you can trust our ability to work with honesty and integrity in selling timeshares. Some resale companies are here today, gone tomorrow, but we have a responsibility to our clients as well as the state to hold ourselves to the highest standards possible.

Because of the way the industry is regulated as a whole, the process of timeshare transactions can be confusing because some ownerships can legally be deeded real estate, while other forms of ownership may not be. Our years of experience will help you navigate through the sometimes difficult procedure of processing a timeshare sale, so you can lean on us for help.

You’ll want to work with professionals who know the industry and can get you the best deal. Why sort through endless hype and sales rhetoric when you don’t need to? Our skilled agents can position your timeshare in the best way possible to secure a sale, while helping buyers get great value for money.

Rest assured that with Gateway Timeshare Resales you are working with the best, most professional and experienced licensed agents in the industry. Contact us today to find out more.

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